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Ten Things You Are Not Using Your Lint Roller For
12Nov 2014
Ten Things You Are Not Using Your Lint Roller ForWhat is that you say? All you could think of using the lint roller for is to pick up lint and pet hair from clothes and your couch. What more could a simple house cleaning item possibly do? If you are scratching your head over finding more uses for a lint roller, you are clearly not using this domestic cleaning device wisely. Check below for tips on how you can use a lint roller to make your home cleaning experience even more effective without the help of professional cleaners and their fancy products.1.    Cleaning bagsIf you are lost about how to get rid of the mess on the inside of purse or clean your backpack, look no further than your lint roller for a solution. Whether you want to clean your purse, briefcase, suitcase, carry on or backpack luggage, just remove the contents and swipe the sides and the inside with a sheet of lint remover to clean it. 2.    Removing sparklesSparkles dust is very hard to get rid of from your carpet, clothes or craft. Next time your kids have been messing around with pixie dust, use a lint roller to zip those shiny bits off upholstery and skin.3.    Tiny pieces of glassAfter you have finished sweeping up shard of shattered glass, there might still be tiny bits lying around that are difficult to see or pick up. In order to avoid getting hurt, use a lint roller to lift these pieces on the sticky surface.4.    Cleaning the carIf you have kids or even otherwise, your car probably collects a lot of dust and crumbs from all the travelling and eating you do in it. Keep a lint roller handy in the car to get rid of all the debris.5.    Clean lamp shades and other upholsteryLamp shades are very delicate and usually difficult to clean, yet they accumulate a lot of dirt. Use a lint roller, gently if necessary, to get rid of the dust that accumulate on these delicate surfaces. It works for all kinds of upholstery cleaning, especially on velvet surfaces.6.    Quick clean drawers and sofaIf you don’t feel like getting your vacuum cleaner out just to clean your drawers or sofa, zap them with a lint roller and you will have clean furniture instantly. If used regularly, rolling will prevent dust from settling on your sofa and thus lessen the need for a proper sofa cleaning. 7.    Clean up dead bugsIf you find dead bugs or their squashed remains icky to touch, use a lint roller to remove their dead bodies and dispose them.8.    Cleaning stuffed animalsYou should put your child’s stuffed toys in the wash every so often, but if you want to give them a quick clean, roll a lint roller over it to remove the dust without having to deprive your kid of his plaything for long.9.    Clean pocketsPockets are always hard to clean and gather a varied collection of particles over time and use that are hard to remove even after dusting your pockets. Stick a sheet of lint remover inside your pockets and move them around a bit. When you remove it, you will have collected most of the particle debris in your pockets. 10.    Clean blindsYou can always use soap and water to clean your blinds but that is cumbersome and make leave behind a mess near the window, that will take additional effort to clean. Save yourself the trouble and swipe each section quickly with a lint roller to pick up dust gathered on the blinds.

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